Make 2022 your year! Here are the top new year’s resolutions for 2022 that will help achieve your goals. Which of these made your list?


1. Enhancing self-care and health is important. That goes for physical and mental health alike. Other than jogging three miles each morning and squatting 295 pounds every other night, scenting can play a large role for the hours in between to boost your energy, hold your focus, or simply relax. Explore your scent profile here:

Money and Finances

2. Improving financial practices is relevant because we all have bills to pay. Simple rule: if you don’t need it immediately, then don’t buy it immediately. Contrary to popular belief, you DO NOT need those new Nike Dunks.

Manage Time

3. There are apps you can use on your computer, tablet, and phone to keep you productive. Not making deadlines for tasks will result in a pile of trouble if you manage time poorly. If this doesn’t make your top new year’s resolutions for 2022, then you’re already behind.

Declutter Your Social Media

4. Ever find yourself scrolling through social media at 7PM and all of a sudden it’s midnight? Yup, it happens because our feeds are cluttered. Remove people and content that doesn’t actually HELP nor INFORM you. This is the EASIEST of them all to achieve.

Clean Your Rooms

5. As they say, an untidy workspace is due to a messy mind. Either that or you can’t manage time (if so, see item 3 above). Make a to-do list every week, if not each morning. This will visually remind you of tasks that are coming up. People forget that organizing things in your life is just as important as organizing the people in your life. The same goes for both: if they don’t help you, then you don’t need them.

Simple and easy, right? Life is already complicated, let’s try and make even ONE of these easy for you to accomplish this year.

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